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Who is Derek Allfrey?

With over 40 years experience behind him, Derek Allfrey is one of a kind. He has rebuilt hundreds of machines in his time, and not just limited to Land Rovers. The great British 4×4 is where the passion lies however, and is what he concentrates 99% of his time towards.

Head to any Land Rover meet-up in the UK and mutter his name, and people will surely have heard of this eccentric Land Rover die-hard. Together, with his team of trusted auto-engineers, and their huge workshop based in the South East UK, just 60 minutes from London, they produce some of the most jaw-dropping, ear-splitting machines in the UK. Each machine is highly unique, and the team liaises with all clients regularly to ensure the customer is always happy with the product.

If you’re considering putting together a machine that you can be proud of, there are very few companies out there that can offer the passion, experience and all-round love for Land Rover’s that Derek Allfrey and his team do.